The Power of POP makes small businesses more productive
by breaking down big tasks and creating and streamlining
processes to help business owners spend more time in their
zone of genius so that they can grow more efficiently.


Wall Calendar

Chelsea, the founder of The Power of POP, a wall calendar out of a need to have a large wall calendar that accommodated her sticky note planning method. She made the calendar large enough size that each day can hold a 1 ½” x 2” sticky note but kept it a standard size, so it is easy to print. Chelsea also preferred to keep a rolling six-month outlook on her wall and was tired of searching for calendars twice a year that would fit and that matched.

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rinted and Laminated Wall Calendar in Office

The 3 Step Prioritized To-Do List


Go from overwhelmed to productive  in 3 easy steps by creating a prioritized to-do list to accomplish any daunting task, project, or goal.


The Three Step Prioritized To-Do List helps business owners break down any large task, project, or goal into smaller bit-sized chucks and develop a prioritized action plan to accomplish their goal. With a prioritized list, you never need to worry about what to work on next! It is all laid out for you but allows for flexibility to change as your progress and learn new information.

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About The Power of POP

The Power of POP helps small business owners be more productive so they can focus their time and energy in their zone of genius to grow their business more efficiently.

For Chelsea Muñoz, the creator and founder of the Power of POP, planning, organization, and productivity have always come easy to her. She is so happy to share her knowledge with other small business owners to help their businesses thrive.

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